Lahore           -                Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan People’s Party in Punjab Assembly Syed Hassan Murtaza has said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government commitments were totally based on lies. In his address on the floor of house he said the district administration has planned and prepared to demolish 100 houses in Aminpur Bangla, a Chiniot suburb, adding poor people are being made homeless in the name of removing encroachments. He said that even not a single pledge made by PTI  was fulfilled, as PM Imran Khan had failed on all fronts to honour its commitment with the people. The government is demolishing homes instead of giving people houses, the poor have taken away the bread, now the roof is also being snatched, he added. He demanded government should withdraw its plans to demolish people’s homes in the name of encroachment in Aminpur Bangla. All living there are not my voters, so please do not punish the area for electing me, he added. He said people are already worried about inflation while selected government had handed over the economy to IMF.