KARACHI The Police on Sunday claimed to have solved the mystery about the Ashura blast but fell short of taking responsibility for a security lapse that resulted in the killing of 45 people. Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Karachi Waseem Ahmed, while proudly disclosing the capture of four Jundullah activists who have confessed to a series of blasts which rocked Karachi two days before, and eventually on the day of Ashura. The CCPO said the police had caught four terrorists of the defunct terrorist organisation Junduallah late Saturday night from 500 Quarters on Hawks Bay Road. Interestingly, the media has reported the arrests last week while the Federal Interior Minister had also confirmed the arrests a couple of days ago. A police party managed the arrest of the four terrorists who during preliminary interrogation have confessed their active involvement in a series of bomb blasts before Ashura and in the Ashura procession which left 45 mourners dead, he said while addressing a Press Conference here on Sunday. The culprits have been identified as Murtaza alias Shakeel, Shakeel Farooqui, Wazir Muhammad and Murad Shah. Waseem Ahmed recalled that it was Jundullah which plotted an attack on the convoy of the then corps commander Karachi Ahsan Hayat. The outfit was also responsible for the attacks on a church near Avari Towers in Karachi as well as the PACC blast opposite the Pak-American Cultural Centre, he pointed out. The Police have claimed busting the band of terrorists twice, first after the attack on Corps Commander and secondly in Shah Latif Town encounter in which six people including two cops were killed while a known terrorist Qasim Toori was captured. The raid was made following a thorough investigation after the Police came across a random bomb in a plastic bag in Shadman Town on the first day of the current year. The CCPO said that investigators had found a cell phone with a SIM attached with the bomb, carrying several cell phone numbers. The Police followed the phone data which eventually led to Saturdays raid. The CCPO also said that the culprits also confessed that they had planned carrying out five blasts in the City. However, three of the blasts on the 8th of Muharram in Paposh Nagar and on the 9th of Muharram in Qasba Colony were executed. He said they were also planning to hit a site near Nagan Chowrangi on the 7th Muharram but failed to execute their mission following strict vigilance by the law-enforcing agencies. The Police also claimed to have recovered another similar bomb that the said terrorist had a plan to use against a prominent Shia cleric. The CCPO said that some other accomplices of the terrorists managed to escape from their clutches and flee to Wana. Waseem Ahmed claimed that the preventive security measures taken by the police had helped stop the growth terrorists outfits in Karachi for the last two years. He also claimed that the Police had arrested 66 hardcore terrorists while killed six other were during encounters.