MULTAN - The Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF) has strongly condemned the appointment of a non-professional as Wapda chief, saying it is tantamount to ruining this institution. Talking to the media persons here on Tuesday, PEF President Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah said that appointment of a private person as the head of Wapda was a sheer injustice with the engineers working in the organisation. He added that the engineers working in Pakistan were highly disappointed because of the government’s ill-advised policies and they were fleeing the country. He said that the rulers conducted new experiments on national institutions as a result of which almost all departments were facing devastation.

“Keeping in view the prevailing situation, the PEF demands the government to stop acting upon the advise of its foreign masters and refrain from destroying institutions of strategic importance like Wapda,” he demanded. He pointed out that the energy crisis further worsened because of ill-advised steps of the government. He said that the engineers working in Wapda were deprived of their due promotions as a result of which most of them were seriously considering making switchovers. He warned the government that the engineers would be forced to take serious steps if the government continued to deprive them of their due rights. He asked the government to appoint engineers as heads of all engineering-based institutions and announce service structure for the engineers.