LAHORE – Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir said on Tuesday the police in its ongoing campaign against land grabbers have registered as many as 255 cases and arrested 1218 during 2011.

The CCPO also directed the police officers to continue crackdown against land grabbers to ensure exemplary punishment as per law to those who indulge in such illegal activities.

According to a police spokesman, Ahmad Raza Tahir claimed that the City would be transformed into a society where no powerful person can usurp the property of any weaker person. He also warned that strict action would be taken against the SHO of the area, where land grabbers found operating.

He warned that if any officer or official was found involved in providing patronage to the land grabbers, he would be strictly proceeded against at departmental level. Ahmad Raza Tahir also appealed to the masses to pinpoint such criminals by providing timely and actionable information to the police.