Rafia Naheed Ikram

LAHORE – The illness of 16-year old Microsoft certified professional degree holder Arfa Kareem Randhawa, who astonished the whole world at age 9 to get that milestone, could not be diagnosed till her death.

The doctors at the CMH Hospital could not succeed to know what had happened to the most genius IT girl in the world for 23 days. They had been treating her for diseases such as epilepsy, tumour, brain infection and others, but they tried their best to save her, a weeping Mrs Samina Amjad Randhawa, the mother of Arfa, told daily Nawa-i-Waqt on Tuesday.

She said that Arfa had suffered from a stroke of unconsciousness on December 22. “After that she could not gain her consciousness and in the same condition breathed her last,” Mrs Samina said.

Arfa’s father Col ® Amjad Kareem Randhawa told the newspaper that the stroke had been termed as a stroke of ‘epilepsy.’ “After that stroke,” he said, “people have been heard of regaining senses, but it did not happen in Arfa’s case.”

He said that before becoming unconscious Arfa was healthy. “We can take is as the computer of her brain had been shut down suddenly.” Like herself, her disease, too, extraordinary, her father said while tears rolling down his eyes.

He said that he has reached the conclusion that this was ‘another matter.’ “She was a gift for us from God and it was a great credit for us being her parents.” The retired army officer read the following verses while bitterly weeping “Jab tak bikay na they koi poocchta na tha tum ney khareed kar humein anmol kar diya.”

“Now the people know me as her father,” he said while weeping. “I was her devotee and she had fascinated me by her capabilities.” He said he took her brilliant daughter to various offices to ask the higher authorities to understand her, listen to her, and give her due importance. “I told them she was totally different from other people, but I each time I was told that they [authorities] had honoured us with awards for her. ‘What more can we do for her? Give her higher education yourself’.”

Amjad Randhawa said that she had taken the attention of the world during her 23 days’ illness. She had proved her capabilities and then died, he said while narrating a Punjabi verse “Mein galian da roora koora mahal charaya sayian.”

He further said she had always uttered verses of Allama Iqbal “to me.” “Her death is the decision of Almighty Allah, however, we both [husband and wife] will remain active till the last breath to fulfil Arfa’s dream,” he stressed.

Col Dr Abid Hussain of CMH Hospital said he was in their home when Arfa became unconscious for the first time. Then we shifted her to hospital, she had been facing perplexity storkes on the whole way due to which her breaths stopped. Her heart topped beating when we reached to the hospital emergency. Then for 40 minutes I had massaged and the heart revived, but perhaps during all this process the brain had been damaged due to non-availability of the oxygen to the brain. He said we could not diagnosed the cause of her perplexity strokes that Arfa had tumour, infection or any other cause and we had been trying to bring her in conscious through medicines. But she died in the same condition.

He replied on a question that before December 18, she had also become unconscious while taking her school paper. Then after this her CT scan was conducted but every thing was normal, but she again became unconscious on Dec 22, 2011.