BAHAWALNAGAR - Bahawalpur National Awami Party Chairman Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi has said that his party is not in favour of the creation of provinces on linguistic basis and the time has come to restore the provincial status of Bahawalpur which is a long cherished legitimate demand of the people of the region.

Speaking to a public meeting here in Bahawalnagar, BNAP Chairman Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi disclosed that state of Bahawalpur had merged into Pakistan after an accord as a separate province.

Promises were made that after dissolution of “one Unit” Bahawalpur would be restored as province, but unfortunately fortune-seekers rulers of the country did not fulfil their promise and merged Bahawalpur into Punjab,” he pointed out.

He further said that Bahawalpur would not be included in proposed “Seraiki Province of Multan”. The BNAP chief pledged that millions of people of Bahawalpur region would not hesitate to render any sacrifice for the restoration of provincial status of Bahawalpur. “Few intellectuals have the opinion that how can a division be transformed into a separate province,” he quoted and elaborated that these intellectuals should know that Bahawalpur had 16 seats in National Assembly while Balochistan had only 14 and if Balochistan could gain the status of a separate province why not Bahawalpur.

Nawab Salahuddin recalled that when Bahawalpur state was merged into Pakistan by his ancestors it had well established canal system ,which used to irrigate lands of state, but now unfortunately Bahawalnagar’s fields have been depriving of canal irrigation water and turning into barren lands.

Mr Abbasi recalled the splendour of his ancestor’s rule when people had enjoyed free education and medication, but unfortunately now they had been deprived of both basic necessities even paying after heavy costs. He said that after the restoration of Bahawalpur’s provincial status education and medication would also be available in the province free of cost.