RAWALPINDI - The court of an area magistrate on Tuesday dropped the kidnap case of six students - three girls and three boys - of a private school who went missing under mysterious circumstances when the mother of one missing female students said she did not want to precede the case anymore.

The area magistrate Muhammad Akrama ordered release of Iqra, Wajeeha Asghar, Areeba Akram, Abu Bakar, Waleed Akram and Hamza Ali after they stated that they were not abducted and they run from their houses with their sweet will.

Meanwhile, Kausar Perveen, who got registered a case with Police Station (PS) Airport that five students abducted her daughter Iqra, apprised the court that she met her daughter Iqra who assured her that nobody abducted her. She urged on the court that she did not want to pursue the case anymore.

Earlier, the six students, who had been recovered from a hotel in Peshawar, recorded their statements before Judicial Magistrate Rai Ijaz Ahmed under section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code. In their statements, the students said that they left their houses because of fear of their principal who always used to torture them.

PS Airport SHO Sheikh Waqar Nisar also informed the area magistrate Muhammad Akrama that the six students were not kidnapped by any one rather they run away owing to fear of the cruel teachers of APSIS School, College and Academy.

Muhammad Akrama, following the statements of the students and the complainant, turned down the submission of police for physical custody of the three boys and medical examinations of the three girls.

The area magistrate allowed the students to go with their families late in the Tuesday evening after recording their statements.

A missing student Hamza Ali, while talking to media men after the court proceedings, said that they made plan to leave their houses as their families were not barring the teachers to punish them.

However, Hamza refused to open his lips in response of different questions of the journalists and went his home along with elder brother.

Reliable sources disclosed that the families of three boys asked the parents of two girls to keep mum over the issue and not speak against the boys as it would earn bad name for both the families in the society.