DANIEL Radcliffe is working hard at his post-Harry Potter career because he believes critics want him to fail.

Playing the schoolboy wizard has brought Radcliffe fame and fortune, but he is aware that his star could wane. “I’m not going to be as in demand as I am now forever,” he said. “There will be some people - not everyone - who will want to dismiss us as ‘came out of the series and didn’t do anything afterwards’. That’s the story some people want to write. And I have to make extra sure they have absolutely no opportunity to do that.

“If I went away for a year after Harry Potter and took a break for a year and a half or something, that article would have been written by now. So I think there is an awareness you have to work really hard.”

Radcliffe, 22, stars in the new Hammer horror, an adaptation of The Woman In Black, which premieres tonight.                    –TG