A government transport undertaking bus driver went berserk on crowded Pune roads early Wednesday morning, killing nine people, injuring 27 others and damaging several vehicles. Shocking incident spread panic in the city as citizens and students were on their way to offices and schools. Situation was brought under control after two hours when bus driver Santosh Maruti Mane was caught by people. Mane, who is official driver of Maharashtra State Transport Corporation (MSRTC), took the bus out of Swargate bus terminus around

8 am and entered on busy Sanankarsheth road. He smashed all the vehicles which came in his way. Mane had a long drive of almost 15 when his uncontrolled vehicle rammed into parked and moving vehicles. At least nine people, most of them padestrians, were killed when Mane was stopped by the people near Neelayam talkies. In a scene like movie, police chased the vehicles and even opened fire to stop the bus. However, their attempt was not successful.