LAHORE – Punjab Assembly on Tuesday adopted five resolutions of public interests including ban on objectionable music concerts at public and private educational institutions.

Out of eight resolutions on the agenda of PA on the Private Members Day, three were passed unanimously, two with majority vote while one each was disposed of, pended and withdrawn.

PML-Q legislator Seemal Kamran presented the resolution regarding recommendations to the Punjab Government to impose ban on musical concerts at educational institutions. After amending the original draft with the addition of word objectionable before music concerts, the House passed the resolution with a majority vote. The House also passed the resolution presented by PML-Q legislator Ch Amer Sultan Cheema regarding construction of waiting area with proper facilities for the attendants of patients at all public sector hospitals in the province.

The PA unanimously adopted the resolution presented by PML-Q Parliamentary Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, suggesting the Punjab Government to ask the Federal Government to take measures for stopping wastage of money obtained on loan from international financial institutions for carrying out SCARP projects to save agricultural land from water logging in various districts of the province.  The House unanimously passed another resolution presented by PML-Q legislator Dr Samia Amjad on behalf of her colleague Samina Khawar Hayat regarding recommendation to the Federal Government to issue blue passport (Gratis) to MPAs like the MNAs and Senators.

The PA unanimously adopted the resolution presented by PML-Q legislator Humaira Awais Shahid regarding measures to control population growth and proper allocation for this purpose in the next budget.

She was of the view that rapid population growth was a major hurdle in provision of quality education, health facilities and potable water to the masses.

She said that vast difference between economic and population growth could deny basic necessities to the coming generations. She said that there was need of devising a policy to avoid such situation in future.

The resolution presented by Zia Ullah Shah was pended, that of Tariq Amin Hotiana disposed of while Amina Ulfat withdrew her resolution.