KARACHI – National Bank of Pakistan has pledged to make all possible efforts for Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) patients from the 2005 Northern Kashmir earthquake. This was observed in a meeting between National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Subh-e-Nau (SN) officials here at Islamabad Club, says a press release.

Tariq Zafar Iqbal, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager Islamabad NBP hailed Subh-e-Nau’s efforts towards helping provide medical rehabilitation services to SCI patients in post-earthquake affected areas and said it was a rare example that SN has kept its efforts alive long after the tragic disaster. He assured that NBP will stand hand in hand with SN to provide maximum support to these patients. He also pledged to help patients in vocational training in order to make real the possibility where they earn their livelihood. Dr. Farrukh Chishtie, Head, Research & Development SN, introduced the workings of the SN disability program in Muzaffarabad, and stated that it was a dire need to continue follow-ups of these patients as they are totally ignored by the society at large. He thanked NBP for supporting the disability cause in Pakistan with SN.