LAHORE – The Central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has slated the Zionists atrocities on the Palestinian people including the building of new Jewish settlements on the Palestine soil.  It pointed out that as many as 61,000 new settlements were being built in Baitul Maqdis, alone.

The City government had allocated 1.25 billion dollars for these settlements for the current year which implied razing of thousands of the Palestinians houses and leaving them homeless.

It said that the US, the so called champion of human rights was protesting against the Zionist atrocities half heartedly but practically it was supporting all the Israeli plans. Bombing was continuing on Gaza which was under siege for the last five years. It deplored that the Muslim world at large was completely silent over all these atrocities.

Another resolution adopted by the Shoora condemned the brutalities being perpetrated on the Syrian people by the regime. It said that Basher al Asad regime had started the massacre of the innocent Syrian people when they rose up against dictatorship and called for reforms.