ISLAMABAD  - Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday urged Supreme Court to investigate the Inter Service Intelligence’s (ISI) present role and the role played by it during Musharraf’s era, reported a private TV channel.

He said that if Supreme Court could reopen a 23-year old case then why it could not investigate the role played by the agency during Musharraf’s era and its present role. He said that if the present role (political manoeuvring) of ISI was not investigated then it would be a big joke.

Nisar came down hard on Imran Khan, saying that he had no role in restoration of the present independent judiciary.  He asked Imran not to pretend that judiciary was ‘in his pocket’. In a reaction to the press conference of a group that calls itself ‘Pakistan First’, Nisar said the remnants of Musharraf instead of preaching democracy should seek nation’s apology regarding their role in the past.

He said the cronies and well-wishers of Musharraf should name their group ‘Musharraf First’.