SAMBRIAL - Low pressure and loadshedding of gas was irking domestic consumers and tandoor owners are charging inflates rates for bread and Naans.

The household women said that that the gas supply often remains suspended due to loadshedding or low pressure due to which they were unable to timely prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. The students of schools and colleges have to their educational institutions without having breakfast.

Every one was living a very perturbed life now-a-days, they said. They have to prepare meal late at night for morning and evening. Sakeena, 47, a household woman of Sambrial, said that she was a diabetic patient and had to cook meals during nights while serving her family during the breakfast and in the evening as well.

Likewise, a rush of people could also be witnessed at hotels and Tandurs for buying breads and Naans. The business of such hotels and Tandurs running on gas connections was also affected.

Only those hotels and Tandurs using the woods as fuel were minting money by selling Naans on inflated rate of Rs 7 per Naan instead of fixed official rate of Rs5.

This practice still goes unabated and unchecked. Local people have expressed grave concern over the situation and they urged the officials concerned to ensure uninterrupted supply of gas to the domestic consumers as well.