About 150 retired generals, admirals and air marshals assembled in Islamabad to campaign for Gen Musharraf’s unhindered return to the country. The junior most rank among the cocky group was that of a brigadier, rest were all generals and their equivalent. What about the retired captains, majors and colonels? Why were they ignored? May be Gen Mush was popular among generals, air marshals, and not among the junior ranks that bore the major brunt of his misadventures. Junior ranks martyred in Kargil were not even accepted as our own soldiers until the Indians returned their bodies wrapped in Pakistani flags. All the top-notch Mush beneficiaries have now joined hands to bring their godfather back to the country. They want him back because they, like him, suffer from acute hangover of power. I retired as a superseded major hence I have no desire to join the cluster of prudes. Yet I suggest they had better compare their retired lives with their Indian counterparts who live in sheer modesty.


Chakwal, Janaury24.