Everyday a new story emerges about the corrupt practices of the bold and beautiful leaders of Pakistan. As if the $ 60 million dubious nest of President in a Swiss bank and the arrest of a PPP Hajj minister and his accomplish for corruption were not enough a further case of over 60 crore rupees swindle has been reported about a shady former adviser of the PM. It appears PPP is giving an impression of a People Plunder Party instead of their slogan of “food, shelter and clothing” which has instead down-graded to the shortage of “electricity, water and gas.” The PPP allied government is blissfully ignorant of the sad plight of the people at large with mass unemployment, closure of industries and hellish life for the poor masses. They are stuck in preserving their ill-gotten wealth by employing top lawyers of the land while the poor cannot afford two square meals a day. It is high time PPP allied Government got off the back of people of Pakistan voluntarily before the ship of state sinks.


Lahore, January24.