LAHORE – Showbiz circles have strongly rejected the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday seeking ban on musical concerts in educational institutions, terming it a ‘conspiracy’ against Pakistani culture.

The resolution seeking ban on organizing music concert in private and public academic institutions was moved by Seemal Kamran, an MPA from the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid in the wake of an incident wherein three students were killed in a stampede at a music concert of a private college at Alhmara Cultural Complex a few days back.

The showbiz celebrities said that the incident was due to failure of administration and not due to musical concert. They said if the ban would be imposed on organising music shows, the music industry of Pakistan would collapse like film industry.

While talking to TheNation, Mian Yousaf Salahuddin said, “It seems that rulers want to divert the attention of the masses from the deaths at Pakistan Institute of Cardiology due to substandard medicines. Our youth is losing its identity and adopting the Western and Indian culture due to such strict policies. The aftermath of banning the music concerts in educational institutions would be Indianization and Westernization among the new generation.” He said the real issue of the country is law and order situation not entertainment programmes. He slammed the political elites, saying, “They go foreign countries for entertainment but they let a common to entertain. The rulers have snatched every entertainment opportunity from the masses. They have banned basant, abolished the food street and now want to impose ban on musical programme.”

Famous singer Jawwad Ahmed said that the masses were stressed due to multiple issues like unemployment, inflation and bad law and order situation and have no opportunity of enjoyment. “Pakistan music industry has a lot of talent and Pakistani singers are performing all over the world but if such ban would be imposed, the grooming of new singers would be stopped. It can lead to complete collapse of musical industry like film and theatre,” he said. He further said the ban on music concert could add the miseries of B and C category singers who depended upon such shows. He said the resolution should be taken ban and let the Pakistani culture to develop.

Adeel Barki said, “Pakistan artists are leaving to other countries as there is no opportunity for their development and due to bad law and order situation. Unfortunately, the whole country has become a red alert zone due to extremism.

The entertainment programmes decrease the stress of the masses. The government should revisit the resolution seeking ban on music concert so the rich culture of Pakistan could be prospered.