CHINIOT - The public transport owners have increased fares without any government notification. Taking plea of increase in rates of CNG, the transporters have started fleecing commuters on their own. A large number of people commute on Chiniot-Jhang, Chiniot-Faisalabad, Chiniot-Pindi Bhattian and local routes on public transport and the unannounced increase in fares will add to their woes.

The transporters claimed that the revision of fuel prices and spiraling prices of essential edibles were the two major factors that forced them to increase fares.

They have been involved in worth kind of overloading because of the negligence of department concerned. It was witnessed that 22, 23 passengers bundled into van approved for accommodating 16 passengers on inter-city and local routes. The situation terms even more alarming on branch road where 22 to 25 people are forced to travel on a vehicles.

Overloading also causes great inconvenience to women. Music in full volume in public transport is also a painful act to bear. The government should take serious action against these problems. This will help make traveling more comfortable.