ISLAMABAD - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman on Tuesday said that Pakistan might not afford any conflict in case of US incursion on Iran, besides it would also not afford to become an ally of US and its partners as well.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting of religious groups named “Coordination Council of Religious Leaders and Intellectuals”, Fazl said that various religious groups of different schools of thought have decided to work together on a five-point agenda to avoid differences.

The “Coordination Council of Religious Leaders and Intellectuals” is formed to bring together various forces on one platform and they all agreed on the five-point agenda.

Sharing details of the five points, he said that they agreed Quran and Sunnah are the basis of unity among all religious factions. He said that for the followers of all religious sects, the interpretation of Holy Quran and Sunnah would be deemed as authentic that have been derived from their respective “Mujtahideen” and religious scholars. He said that they also agreed that our political approach would not be secular rather it should be based on the principles of Islam. All the followers of religious sects will respect each other’s religious scholars and Imams.

He said that all this process would be within the parameters of the constitution of Pakistan. To a question about interest-free system in the country, Maulana Fazlur said that they have alternative system but it was not implemented. He said that a case on this issue was still pending in the court. When asked about restoration of Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), the JUI-F chief said that they were making all-out efforts for it.

Earlier, talking to media persons, he said that opposition has devised a strategy for snap polls and pressure in this regard can be put on the PPP-led government if it is suitable.

To a question about the memogate issue, he said that Mansoor Ijaz was trying to create confrontation among the state institutions that is not favourable indeed.

Besides Fazl, the meeting the council was participated by JUI leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Secretary General Majlis-e-Wahadat-e-Muslimeen Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, Vice Khateeb Lal Masjid Maulana Ghafoor Haidri, Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani, Chairman Islamic Ideological Council (IIC), Senator Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, central leader JUI-F, and others.