The United States say it want to talk through the issues with Pakistan over which they  don’t agree in order to go forward whether it’s with regard to the 26th November incident in military-to-military channels or whether it’s with regard to the broader relationship.

This was stated by State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland while replying to question about rejection of US military investigation into Salala Check posts attack by the Pakistan military.

She said “the US remain open to continuing to work with the Pakistanis – civilians, military – on the way forward, and we look forward to the completion of their own internal review so that our work can go forward.” The spokesperson said the US also wants Pakistanis to come forward and tell how they want to take the relationship forward, and then we’ll be able to engage fully on the things that we need to do together. “Pakistan’s role in war on terror and its regional importance could not be denied” she said

Victoria Nuland said keeping in view the prevailing circumstances, US would continue support for civilian government in Pakistan. She also supported Pakistan’s role for peace talks with Taliban.

Nuland said that US is pleased as the Pakistani government, army and judiciary are holding talks to resolve issues and added that all the differences among the Pakistani institutions should be resolved.