Death always brings pangs of pain to the bereaved family and loved ones, but for Arfa Karim, we as a nation feel deeply saddened. Arfa, who was world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine, breathed her last at a tender age of sixteen. Arfa’s parents are proud of her for being a remarkable achiever in the world of IT and yet grief-stricken at the loss of their beloved daughter at such a young age. The fact of the matter is that we still haven’t come to terms with what great loss we’ve just encountered. Endowed with such great skills, this girl was a remarkable asset for the country. We take great pride in her profound achievements which included kudos from Bill Gates himself. Although the star, Arfa Karim has lost her shine, she is a great inspiration for all the rising stars across the country to come up and make a milestone in the world of IT and make us a proud nation.