ISLAMABAD - We must not defend but promote the nuclear energy , as a best alternative to resolve the energy crisis in Pakistan.
Senator Sehar Kamran, member Senate Standing Committee on Defence and President Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) gave these remarks while addressing a roundtable conference titled "Future of Nuclear Energy in Pakistan", here in Islamabad, organised by the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies.
She said that with the inauguration to install two nuclear power plants in Karachi with the help of China, many controversies have surfaced negative propaganda. These are based on incorrect, inaccurate or politically motivated narrative.
However, she said that we should counter this narrative with the notion that promotion of nuclear energy is the best alternative to our energy problems, as far as the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of clean energy supply is concerned.
The roundtable seminar was attended by leading national nuclear experts, academics, scientists, and policy practitioners.
The speakers of the roundtable highlighted the fact that Pakistan was amongst the first three countries that opted for 'Atoms for Peace' programme launched by US President Eisenhower in early 1950s.
The speakers were of the view that Pakistan has complied with all international standards of safety and security besides having immense experience and expertise of running nuclear power plants, under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards. The seminar participants agreed that Pakistan's nuclear programme for peaceful purposes would accelerate economic growth through efficient and sustainable supply of energy .