ISLAMABAD  - Media in Pakistan and Turkey can play a tremendous job to bring the two brotherly countries further closer and it must come forward to promote peace , development and harmony in the two countries.
Media organizations working in the two countries must collaborate with each other to support and guide their respective governments to make society worth living. Cemal Ussak, a journalist, author and scholar from Turkey , said here on Friday.
The gathering was facilitated by the Rumi foundation in Pakistan.  Addressing a limited number of Pakistan's senior journalists during a get-together held here, the distinguished guest and a highly professional scholar advised the media men to promote democracy and development in their countries and argued it was one of the best way to make strong their country economically. He, however, advised the newsmen to keep an eye on working of governments and spare no time to expose them if they believe the government in their country was indulging in wrongdoing.
Elaborating his point, Cemal Ussak said, he and his colleagues supported the AK party to come into power in Turkey . However, he along with hundreds of thousands of his fellows took stand against AK party as they believe; it was working contrary to its party manifesto.
"We supported them to come into power to work for betterment of Turkey , the Muslim ummah. We kept supporting Justice and development Party (AKP) until they deviated from the principles," said the noted writer, journalist and scholar from Turkey who is currently on a visit to Pakistan. 
To a question, he said and Pakistan and Turkey may play a vital role in uniting Muslim Ummah to emerge like a major player in the world. However, it may not be possible until we have sincere rulers.