ISLAMABAD  - The federal government has given approval for 72 officers (grade-20) of different groups for the 102th national management course (NMC) while the Establishment Division has informed the relevant authorities and divisions in this regard.

According to the Establishment Division notification, the NMC would start from February 2, 2015 and continue till July 10, 2015 in Lahore. The officers have been requested to report National School of Public Policy accordingly. The nominations are subject to provision of latest annual medical examination reports.

It is important to mention here that according to revised promotion policy, if the officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he declines to proceed on training for two consecutive training courses, he/she would forfeit the right to consideration for promotion. In case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the department or by the officer concerned, the officer will be responsible if it adversely affects his/her promotion prospects.

The course fee of Ex-cadre officers of the federal government, officers of provincial governments/autonomous bodies etc nominated for this course shall be arranged by their respective departments/governments and to this effect payment shall be remitted to the respective rector National Management College, Lahore, through bank draft/cross cheque at the time of joining the course by the officer concerned or as early as possible. The establishment division has recently issued directions/orders of the prime Minister that concerned ministries/ divisions/ departments/ provincial governments must ensure relieving the officers nominated for the different mandatory courses without fail in future.

It has also been ordered that during the training the requisite arrangements be made as these officers are not required to attend their offices while undergoing these courses. Further, non-compliance of these directions shall constitute misconduct on the part of both the ministries/divisions/departments concerned as well as the officer selected for training courses and as such they would be proceeded against under government servants (E&D) rules, 1973.