One often sees TV debates, where the anchor person has no control over the participants, who talk across each other, gesticulating violently, talking over each other and the listeners are unable to understanding a single word they say. The anchor person cannot stop them from bickering and they generally take refuge by announcing a break to halt the heated debate. Such discussions are useless to the viewers, who remain disgusted with the sordid behaviour of these famous politicians and party members.

They often use derogatory phrases like illiterate, uneducated etc., for the people sitting next to them, without any regard for manners and the anchor who keeps on smiling, as the speakers fighting verbally. The participants often include MNA’s of various political parties, who do not see eye to eye with the opposition members. The nation finds them ridiculous when they are unable to explain their major blunders and try to cover them with insulting their opposition.


Lahore, January 20.