Islamabad - Since the terrorist attack in Peshawar, educational institutions have had numerous instructions on how to deal with the terrorist attacks. Over the past few weeks the Islamabad police have provided information to the educational institutions on the importance of being prepared for an emergency that may shock the students.

All the educational institutions are required to have an emergency preparedness plan for disruptive incidents. In this respect, on Saturday, students, teachers and non-teaching staff of Islamabad Model Postgraduate College, H-8, carried out a mock drill exercise to ensure preparedness in order to meet any emergency situation in the college.

On hearing of security alert siren, all the gates were opened by the deputed staff and students rushed to the various exit gates of the building to look for the safest place. They were directed by the teachers to use the specified exit gates nearest to their classrooms.

The primary objective of the rehearsal was to ensure a timely and coordinated response by all the students and teachers. The drill was conducted for practicing the evacuation of college building in case of emergency. It was also observed how much time it takes to vacate the building to ensure that it happens within a reasonable time.

Mehmood Ali Khokher, associate professor and the local unit president of the Federal Government College Teachers Association, said that the exercise was carried out to see the preparedness of the students and staff to tackle the situation in case of any problematic incident.

The purpose of this rehearsal was to get out of the building in the quickest and safest way in case of any emergency. He also underlined the importance of professional and physical training for the students to cope with the terrorists and criminal elements.