Advice to all unemployed youth from a seasoned politician Khursheed Shah. He shamelessly said, “We cannot provide jobs to all the youth, so some of them should sell fast food on the streets (Cholas, Haleem and Biryani), this will not affect their respect and PR,” this insane and ridiculous statement by a senior politician must be condemned. Thank God he did not advice the youth to resort to theft and fraud, he could have said much worst. If youths with degrees are told to do such menial work, then why should school, colleges and universities remain open? Lets close all our institutes, we have anyway gone back in time by burning wood to cook and cycles to ride to work, why not eliminate education as well? These rich and corrupt politicians, who enjoy many perks at our expense, should be hanged publicly. They have no idea of the miseries of jobless poor and unemployed people. Did the common man vote for them so that instead of helping them get a better future they make fun of them?


Jhuddo, January 19.