Taylor Swift wants to go ‘above and beyond’ to be a part of her fans’ lives. The star amazed fans by sending them personalised gifts around Christmas last year, checking out their social media pages beforehand to get a feel for what they might like. One lucky girl got a huge surprise when she received a cheque for $1,989 to help cover her student loan. The 25-year-old star loved researching her followers on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites but hopes they don’t get the wrong idea. ‘Stalking not in a creepy way but because I care; it’s in a caring way!’ she laughed to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw. ‘You can learn a lot about somebody by looking at their pages. This was just a girl I sent some things to because what she was blogging about was student loans stuff. ‘It’s something that makes me happy. I’m lucky that I have sweet and cool fans that like to make me a part of their life. And especially this year I try to go above and beyond to really be a part of their life.’ The singer has just been announced as one of the stars of Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival in Norwich, UK. She’s good friends with musicians including Ed Sheeran and The 1975’s Matty Healy and can’t wait to follow their lead by hitting some British festivals. ‘I’ve been to a few, back five, six years ago I played a few,’ she said. ‘Everyone says ones in England are best. My friends have played most of them and even when they’re not, they go to them. I feel like I’ve been missing out.’

Taylor also commented on how much she loves her UK fans because they’re ‘insane’ and always jumping.