Fergie has cited music as one of the main reasons she managed to overcome her drug addiction.

The 39-year-old singer battled an addiction to crystal meth while she was in girl band Wild Orchid, before she found fame with Black Eyed Peas. She’s previously called the drug the ‘hardest boyfriend she’s ever had to break up with’ and has now given advice to other people who are struggling. ‘Absolutely. You have to,’ she told British newspaper The Guardian when asked if it was important to find another outlet. ‘It’s imperative that you find something that’s going to fulfil you in that way, and for me it was making music and getting my thoughts out. Absolutely.’

Fergie used hypnotherapy to help her quit drugs and she is still a devotee of the practice. She told the latest edition of Allure magazine that she and her husband Josh Duhamel have regular therapy sessions, and she’s now added that when she has solo counselling it usually ends with her being hypnotised. The star finds it a great way to relax and it’s also helped her deal with other issues, including keeping her weight under control.

‘My girl is a trained therapist - it’s not just some flighty person who hypnotises people. It’s normal therapy and at the end, you go into a more relaxed state where she can speak to my subconscious. I just get very relaxed and it’s almost a dream state, so you’re highly suggestible at that point,’ she said. ‘It’s weird; I will hear her voice sometimes later on. I’ve done hypnosis for eating and I’ll be lying there, she’ll be putting her positive suggestions in and later on, I’ll go to the refrigerator and I’ll hear her voice telling me to be sensible.’

When in Wild Orchid Fergie and the band supported Cher, and she remains a big fan. The group didn’t get that much time to chat with the American legend between shows, but one thing made a big imprint on Fergie’s memory - Cher’s wigs. She used to fantasise about taking one of them home; specifically a giant red curly one.

The star has been on the promotional trail lately as she has a new album coming out, which will feature her single LA Love (La La). That was one of the reasons why she covered Allure, in which she made the revelation that Josh has seen her mid bikini wax. Some were surprised to hear her husband didn’t immediately leave the room, and Fergie has further elaborated. ‘I don’t know why he was so curious, you’ll have to ask him,’ she laughed. ‘You’ll have to ask whichever one of his brains was thinking at that time. He didn’t leave, he sort of lingered.’