Islamabad - The professors and principals working in BPS-20 and above in different educational institutions working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) are denied transport monetisation facility which is being enjoyed by the officials of the same grade in the other public departments.

Under monetization policy of the government, all the officers in BPS-20 are granted the transport monetization allowance worth Rs 65,960 per month instead of monthly conveyance allowance.

President (Local unit H-8) Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA), Professor Mehmood Ali Khokher said, “The benefit of the transport monetization facility should also be extended to the Professors of BPS-20 as they are government officers too.”

The officials of public department are enjoying this facility while the counterparts principals or professors (BPS-20) of federal government colleges of cantonment and garrisons under the control of federal government are enjoying the facility of monetisation.

Spokesperson of FGCTA, Professor Safina Insaf Shah said as per present pace of promotion most of the college teachers retire in BPS-18 and BPS-19 and a few, who are lucky enough to step in BPS-20. They generally enjoy BPS-20 for few months and in many cases for a few days and then retire, she added.

She was of the view that the Principals and Professors have been promoted to BPS-20 by adopting the same criteria which was adopted to promote other officers of the other departments through Central Selection Board (CSB).

Safina Insaf demanded an earliest payment of monetization to the Professors without any further delay. Justice delayed is justice denied, she said.

When contacted the senior officials of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and Federal Directorate of Education to comment on this issue, they were not available.