Reactions of Pakistanis to murders committed by Islamist terrorists, and the knee-jerk chants of Islam being peaceful, will always be shrouded in controversy due to the sheer lack of condemnation of the act of terror. This is because the nation is terminally sick with a malaise linked to ignorance, medieval thinking, superstitions and insularity.

I just read that one of our esteemed leader has written to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation), not to categorically condemn the murders of the 12 unarmed people in France, but to object about the caricatures published by the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

This is a travesty that once again confuses the nation, fuels the sentiments of the blood thirsty ignorant masses against the evils of blasphemy, instead of the horror of the killers, and the murders of the unarmed.

Our esteemed leaders should only be formulating a united strategy, under the auspicious of OIC, to combat the murderers who shout Allahu Akbar before massacring the innocent. The OIC and the Muslim world should gather in alarm as their religion has now been maligned by ruthless militants.

The Muslims leaders should be addressing this issue. But they clearly are not.

Also, allegedly a political party has sent a letter of complaint to the French Consulate –expounding the hurt of the Pakistanis over caricatures. There is no mention of the terror inflicted on France, or the deceased.

I hope the French Consul throws the letter back with some expletives.

Worse is yet to come. In the aforementioned letter there is a reference to the injustice of the West whereby the Holocaust allegedly cannot be caricatured or ridiculed with the conclusion that only Islam is being targeted.

That’s an absolute lie.

Charlie Hebdo targeted all religions and more. Also please note that the Holocaust was an event with millions of skulls/bones/shoes at the Auschiwitz camp for all to see. The Peshawar massacre is another monstrous event. Neither has anything to do with challenging or caricaturing religions.

The problem is also that Pakistanis and most Muslims are not aware of the fact that debate on religion has really advanced in the West, and religion is no longer considered the most important spiritual factor for a successful and fulfilling life anymore.

Since the advent of cosmology, origins projects being run by the likes of Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, the late Christopher Hitchens, etc the debate on religion is not prohibited anymore.

Religion is no longer considered sacred. It is open to challenge, ridicule and satire.

Many scientists consign religion to be ancient stories like once the Greek mythology and Greek gods were. The Muslim world seems to be oblivious of this and of course they are not to be blamed as information is banned in most of these countries.

Also atheists are a growing segment with many high powered people/scientists “coming out” – UK has 40% or more non-believers now. Therefore there is an intellectual shift with mass religions being scrutinized under the paradigm of facts, evidence, and experimentation. Christianity is hotly debated as are Islam and Judaism in terms of the paradigm of fact and evidence.

Religions should be robust enough to withstand this onslaught if they are indeed the theory of everything and everyone should watch debates on religion on YouTube.

Oh sorry I forgot that knowledge is banned in medieval Pakistan.

Keep the people insular, restrict information, ban YouTube, so they will not question or challenge but do as they are told.