It is commonly said that oil is a weapon, yet Pakistan lacks this weapon due to inept politicians and bureaucrats. Ironically, we are all wandering around the city in search of petrol while the world enjoys the fall of oil price, up to 40%, Pakistanis are paying Rs 300 extra. Pakistan State Oil, a government oil marketing company is demanding Rs 215 billion from Independent Power Producer (IPP) and the IPP’s are demanding the same amount from the government. This money was to come from the bills, paid by every citizen, which they did, so where has all the money gone?

With reference to above question, I would like to share my views that Ishaq Dar, our Finance Minister, has legitimized the finance department to issue payments directly, without involving Account General Pakistan Revenues, in order to promote corruption and has already absorbed Rs 215 billion into his personal kitty. The Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that oil crisis emerged due to a sudden surge in oil demand. This does not sound like a valid reason or excuse and transfers the responsibility to someone else. Furthermore, Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA), must take actions against the oil marketing companies for not having 20 days oil reserves, as per rules and regulations. We would like to remind the Prime Minister of his promise to make Pakistan an oil rich country. It is time federal government, OGRA and PSO took dire steps to eradicated such unheard of and self made crisis .


Lahore, January 20.