We all read in constitutional books, and legal reports that all citizens are equal in the eyes of law, and all have equal rights but is it practiced practically? Newspapers and electronic media report glaring examples and reports of rights of the common man being violated, consequently, we complain of what is called ‘VIP culture’. Every morning I notice that the water-sprinkling vehicle, of the Municipal Committee Charsadda, sprinkles the roads near the district courts but other areas, including mine, which lies inside the jurisdiction of the Municipal Committee, are never ever sprinkled with water. Some of the areas are looked after more than other areas. What areas are lent more attention in cleanliness, and sprinkling of water are VIP areas but doesn’t the common man pay taxes, which then are converted into funds for these organizations, or are they any less important than the VIPs? The provincial Government of KP of the PTI, which has been opposing VIP culture, and bent upon eradicating it, is requested to direct the Municipal Chief Officer Charsadda to treat all residents equally.


Charsadda, January 19.