As we all are well aware of conditions Muslim states are facing and above all is Syria due to which a great number of Syrian refugees are fleeing from one country to another for the sake of shelter. There are millions of refugees and many Muslim countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Sweden has offered shelter to a large number of them. There is a common question now a days that why doesn’t Pakistan help the refugees as Pakistan itself is a Muslim country and seem to be very concerned about Muslims around the world?

I’d like to mention here some facts to answer this question that Pakistan itself has an estimated population of 1.8 billion still increasing, and the matter of concern is that Pakistan already hosts 1.5 millions of registered Afghan refugees-still the largest protracted refugee population globally.

For refugees the factors that matter are firstly the distance of destination, Pakistan is at least 1785 miles away so it will take probably 50 days to travel via land and 30 days to travel via boat in ideal conditions. Secondly the economic opportunities, in Pakistan36% of Afghan refugee population live in refugee camps and 63% in urban settings. Pakistan itself face downfall of its economy day by day with increasing load of population. There are not enough resources for its population so it is quite hard to serve more refugees. Third and last is willingness of host country, Pakistan has security threats and operating environment for humanitarian acts remains volatile with fragile security, as well as access, social and economical challenges likely to affect the country.

Under such circumstances the stability of our own country should be the priority, although we are united at the platform of religion but it is quite hard to provide shelter to the refugees. But Pakistan has moral support and aid to offer as a Muslim nation, Pakistan is always concerned about other Muslim states as well.


Rawalpindi, December 9.