Amir Khan's brother reveals 'bitter disappointment' after boxer snubbed his wedding

Boxer, 30, was embroiled in row over leaked sex tape and failed to show up

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Amir Khan 's younger brother has told of his 'bitter disappointment' after the boxing hero snubbed his wedding, saying: 'He didn't even send a message of congratulations.'

According to Dailymail, Haroon Khan, 25, revealed how the vicious feud between his family and his brother's wife Faryal had taken its toll, adding that she was 'a law unto herself': 'We, family, friends, are all shocked and saddened by what his Faryal has been saying but we tried to forget about the negatives at the weekend and just enjoyed.

'She is a one off and lives by her own set of rules.'

Amir, 30, and his wife Faryal failed to turn up at the lavish ceremony at Bolton's Macron stadium, but appeared on television two days later after sex tape of Amir was leaked online.

As Haroon re-lived Saturday's celebration – the 'best bit' turning up in a flashy white Rolls Royce Phantom – he told how he had now forgiven his 'big bro'.

The proud groom said: 'It's a pity he couldn't be there and he didn't even send me a message of congratulations. [I'm] bitterly disappointed but I'll get over it. He should have done and it's very upsetting. 

'We've always got on really well and you so want your brother at your wedding.

'But I'm not going to give him a hard time because family stuff's been tough and he's busy training in America. He knows I've always got his back and I'll always be looking out for him whatever happens. 

'He's blood (family) and that means so much, we both have responsibility and care for each other. 

'And I'm not going to upset him because he's bigger and stronger than me.' Haroon cheekily adds: 'But I'm the good looking one!'

Speaking for the first time about the ongoing family rift, Haroon revealed: 'We, family, friends, are all shocked and saddened by what his Faryal has been saying but we tried to forget about the negatives at the weekend and just enjoyed. It's what our family needed, a good social event, a party, to get us laughing again. 

'Amir couldn't be there which was bitterly disappointing but I understand his commitment to his career. He was busy training but I hope he was thinking of me and watching the videos posted on Snapchat.'

In an unusual insight to family Khan, Haroon said: 'Amir has a close relationship with our parents which has been tested to the limit over the past few months but it will come right, it's just a matter of time. 

'We have a bit of sibling rivalry, what brothers don't, but we're still close and want the best for each other.'

He declined to discuss in detail controversial family member, American Pakistan Muslim Faryal, 25, model and beauty blogger: 'We've all met her many times but don't want to talk about her.' 

The flyweight boxer chose to speak to his favourite news source, Mail Online, to reveal his plans for a sporting comeback and even reckons one day he can equal his brother – newly nicknamed 'King' by his outspoken wife Faryal Makhdoom - by becoming a world champion too. 

He was still revelling in the aftermath of his wedding celebrations – the second in six months - and confessed he was in bed till midday on Monday when Amir took time out to discuss the latest chapter of his life on British TV.

The very frank Haroon confessed: 'I didn't hear what he had to say because I wasn't even up. I'm still buzzing from the wedding party and in recovery mode, I'm in bed!'

But he was happy to talk about his new lease of boxing life after a stubborn left shoulder injury put him out of the ring for a painstaking two years.

He admitted: 'Boxing aside, family stuff has been tough over the past few months and things said that have been detrimental to my family. 

'But we are pulling together. Amir's in the public eye, he's got a good reputation, here in Bolton, in Britain, in Pakistan, around the world, he's got a lot of support and whatever's said by his wife we are standing by him.'

Haroon, recalling his brotherly love, told how he was first into the ring when the boxer was injured during a fight in Las Vegas last Spring. He said: 'After he last big fight he was down and I was there for him in the ring before the doctors, before the coach, before the referee before our dad, before anyone. I don't know how I got in there so quick!

'He'd been caught by the fist, he was hurt and I was in shock. But I helped get up to his feet and I said: 'Bro, you're going to be OK and thankfully he was. I was there by his side.'

Talking about his special event, filmed by G6 Media at Bolton FC's Macron Stadium, Haroon said: 'You know what there was no alcohol, and there were lots of English people but you don't need alcohol to have a good time, booze wasn't on anyone's mind.

'When we sent out the invites we said there would be no alcohol in keeping with our religion and no one complained and everyone turned up and had fun – apart from my brother and his wife!

'We had a good time, with or without Amir, and didn't expect it to be this great. Asian weddings are amazing. The cars are priority. They're flashing! We had a white Rolls Royce Phantom, thanks dad. 

'He looked after the wedding, he sorted it all! No reason not to enjoy with my 1,000 guests and my closest and biggest friend in the world Subby, yes he's more than six feet, and by my side through all the good times and bad times. And my wife danced with her new family and that's very special.'

He wed several years after the boxing legend married Faryal on the last day of May in 2013.

While he was still recovering from his party on Monday morning, sister-in-law Faryal, was tweeting to her followers from America: 'Hey guys! Amir King Khan and I will be on This Morning at 10.30 UK time. Tune in to watch us' and signed off with an up-side down Smiley face emoji, perhaps trying to reflect her across the Atlantic distance from family she appears to be alienating. 

Haroon fondly recalled his engagement in Pakistan to the stunning Arifa, 23, a psychology student, in December 2015. But unlike Amir, dad of a toddler daughter, they don't want to start a family yet. 

He insisted: 'I want to get back into boxing and my wife wants to carry on studying. She only came to the UK to live in September last year and she's still getting used to it, she's quite shy although on our honeymoon in Dubai after our initial wedding she was very forceful and made me go in a jetski for the first time!' 

Following on from his traditional wedding in Pakistan in August last year – which the boxer and his wife did attend – Haroon celebrated 'the second stage in England' at the weekend.

Boxer Haroon, who lives near his parents' and brothers' separate homes in Bolton, Lancashire, is now preparing for his comeback. He said: 'I'm hoping this year will be good. I didn't need an operation after my injury sustained fighting but I'm back in the gym and ready for a round in March or April in a flyweight category. My brother's said he'll support me.'

The ex champ's sibling admits: 'Amir's broader and heavier than me, he's got more muscle, and he's looking good, he's more into speed and fist but I'm more aggressive and like to get into brawls!' 

Recalling how he use to practise boxing at home at a tender age with Amir – who he fondly refers to nowadays as 'big bro' he said: 'We trained at home in the living room with our gloves on, Mum was so worried we would hurt each other or more importantly smash up the furniture.' 

He reminisced: 'We'd be sparring and she'd be shouting at us to stop it. Me and my bro are five years apart and when he started boxing I was into football. But I used to go to his training sessions with Dad and I watched him and got a passion for it and started boxing myself, but always in his shadow. 

'He got me hooked. Then I started doing good as a flyweight, under Amir's heavier build category, and even won bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games 2010. But a bad shoulder injury put me out and although I never needed surgery I've benefitted from a long two-year rest.'

The amateur boxer discussed his potential comeback ironically on the same day that double gold Olympic medallist Nicola Adams, 34, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, put boxing back in the global spotlight by confessing she was turning professional.

Haroon vowed: 'I want to get my career back on track. If Amir can be world champion so can I be one day. Our dad's on my side, helping me and training me and I have my brother's support. With that nothing's impossible!' 

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