Babur is the first land attack and submarine-launched cruise missile to be developed, manufactured and operationalised by Pakistan. It is a medium range subsonic cruise missile and could be either conventional or nuclear. When developed in 2005 it had a range of 500 km and was capable of carrying a nuke. It was upgraded in 2007 with a range of 700 km and later, in 2012, was upgraded with stealth capabilities which could carry both nuclear and conventional warheads.

Pakistan conducted a successful launch of an enhanced version of the Babur 2 missile on December 14th and it can be deployed against both land and sea targets. On January 9th, Pakistan conducted a successful launch of the Babur 3 missile. It was fired from an underwater, mobile platform from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean and hit its target with precise accuracy.


Islamabad, January 21.