In a small village in Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan, the residents chose to live without electricity for many years because installing an electricity grid with overhead wires would hinder the migration and conservation of Black-necked Cranes. Finally, in 2009, when the electricity was brought to the village, the electrical wires around the crane habitats were laid underground, to prevent any restriction in the path of the migratory birds. 

In yet another country, a flock of an equally exquisite migratory ‘Houbara bustards’ arrives every winter. Little do the birds know that the hosts have set prearranged traps to ambush and kill the unsuspecting creatures. To massacre five to six thousand endangered birds every year does not bother the conscience of the heartless country. There are no political parties, parliamentarians, religious leaders, human or animal right organisations that have assertively raised a voice. Giving permits for the hunting of the bird is a violation of the law, constitution and the international conventions signed by Pakistan. 


Lahore, December 17.