The German government has decided not to sell weapons to countries involved in the ongoing war in Yemen. Germany has set a precedent for other countries, especially those who rely on their military industrial complex and murky arms deals with oppressive states, to follow.

The announcement means that Germany will reconsider its selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Only in the third fiscal quarter, Germany sold arms worth 450 million euro to Saudi Arabia. Other countries including the US, UK, and France need to learn from Germany. For once these countries should give preference to moral principles instead of war profits.

It is worth recalling that many cities of Yemen have been obliterated by Saudi led air strikes, thus destroying the infrastructure of the country. According to the United Nations (UN), more than two million people have been displaced because of the ongoing conflict.

The said country is already on the verge of a famine. The UN has previously issued a warning regarding the looming threats of famine. According to the UN officials, the famine, which is likely to strike Yemen, “will be one the likes of which the world has not seen in years.”

The human suffering on a massive scale does not disturb the consciousness of the civilised nations. Three of the five members of the Security Council are selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to kill Yemen’s population ruthlessly.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been violating the international law through its brutal interventions in Yemen. The global community needs to revisit its ties with Saudi Arabia. The same goes for Pakistan as well. The government needs to come up with a clear stance over Pakistan’s involvement in the Yemen conflict.

Only a massive international pressure on Saudi Arabia can put an end to the Yemen crisis. The powerful nations need to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. It is their ammunition, which Saudi Arab is using against innocent civilians in Yemen.