The Pakistani legislators are adamant on not letting redundant issues go and moving ahead to other problems plaguing the system. This results in a number of sessions being dedicated to matters that have either already been dealt with or can be overlooked for other pressing matters. It is not only a waste of resources but the time and energies of the parliamentarians. Last week, the issue of the comments of Sheikh Rasheed and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan against the parliament of Pakistan was already addressed by adopting a resolution against them.

The parliamentarians have already made their stance clear about the remarks and both the politicians have been reprimanded by not just the parliament but also by the masses. Another session addressing the same issues seems like an attempt to blow the incident way out of proportion at this time. Neither is it the kind of issue which is massively effecting the system at large. Their words caused outrage and they were addressed. Comparing it to the issue of the Election Reform Bill 2017 and the crisis of the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat clause, as done by Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed, is not only unfair but also trying to paint both issues of the same magnitude, which they clearly are not. The debate and discussion that the issue required has already been done. It is now time to move on and do their jobs as required by the laws of the country.

As parliamentarians, both sides need to understand that the purpose of the institution is not to use it as a ground for their political battles and rivalries - rather it is meant to be used for genuine day to day issues that create cleavages in the society. Yes, such issues can be adopted but they are not the purpose why the institution functions. This is larger than their rivalries, especially at a time when all eyes are at them because of the upcoming elections and they need to be setting positive precedents rather than deflecting responsibility of every issue which is not being resolved. The parliament’s sanctity is violated even when it becomes a ground for political rhetorics.

This does not mean that the parliament cannot discuss such matters. The respect of the institution is very important but that respect is maintained and upheld when parliamentarians move ahead to the next problems and do not let the discussions become stagnant.