“A decision was made to fire the Hellfire missile. It was fired.”

–Donald Rumsfeld- former US

Secretary of Defence

On 4 February 2002, for the first time CIA without the military support used drone strike in the ‘War on Terror.” The strike in the city of Khost was intended to attack Osama Bin Laden. However, it turned out that the victims were civilians. Earlier, the CIA had been using the drone technology to target with the intelligence operation from military. The drone technology enabled the USA to operate safely without engaging with the enemies directly. Such technology is more efficient in terms of the result that it brings because the chances of arresting or killing the target in an engagement are low, and the risk is too high; however, there is a concern regarding the morality of using the drones in the warfare, and the massive collateral damage. Recently, the drone strikes in Pakistan have increased. Pakistan should also start utilising its own drone technology to target the militants.