LAHORE - Former first class cricketer and cricket analyst Shahnawaz Khan has said that the PCB needs to improve club cricket to improve the standard and quality of Pakistan cricket and Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Talking to media, Shahnawaz said that the real issue of Pakistan cricket is not the number of domestic cricket teams but the lack of proper attention and patronage of club cricket. If Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wants to improve the quality of PSL, it has to pay special attention to grassroots level.

The former cricketer said that some of the PCB officials kept on disturbing the domestic structure, which once used to be one of the best domestic structures of the world, but due to consecutive changes, it has now been suffering badly and that’s why, it hasn’t been producing quality cricketers in great numbers.   Shahnawaz said that there is a dire need to give due importance to domestic cricket.

“The PCB and star cricketers should understand the importance of domestic cricket. In every domestic event, there must be presence of star cricketers as it will not only boost morale of the youngsters but also help them improve their skills under experienced cricketers and help in improving the standard of domestic cricket.”

He also highlighted the importance of conducting maximum club cricket tournaments. “The PCB must organise maximum club cricket tournament as it will provide ample opportunities to the youngsters to exhibit their prowess and advance to the next level through their performances.

The recently-held Cannon Club Cricket Tournament was a good step towards promotion of club cricket and hopefully, the PCB will also hold such events throughout the year,” Shahnawaz concluded.