LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly witnessed chaos on Friday with legislators from both the sides of political divide resorting to leveling accusations, using non-parliamentary words and sloganeering.

The House echoed with the names of Hareem Shah, Tahira Syed and Dilshad Begum during general discussion on price hike and Kashmir issue.

The session started two hours and 10 minutes behind the scheduled time with Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari in the chair.

The PML-N legislators welcomed Minister for Information Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan with the slogans of Harremzada, Hareemzada when he was given floor to take part in general discussion.

To PML-N lawmaker Arshad Malik’s remarks about flour crisis in the province, the minister said that similar situation had arisen many times in the past but none bothered to utter a single word. He denied any such crises, saying flour was available on government rates in every nook and corner of the province.

During his speech some opposition members began raising slogan Hareemzada, Hareemzada in a reference to the minister’s clip with the Tik Tok girl.

Infuriated over the slogans, he said the opposition could not suppress his voice with such shouting. “Should I remind you that a leader named Nawaz used to sing for Tahira Syed and Dilshad Begum”, he said that caused uproar in the House. 

“I cannot be talked down. Arshad Malik’s remarks were also abusive and could be checked with the assembly record”, he said.

PML-N legislators accused the minister of always spoiling environment of the House by using inappropriate and non-parliamentary words in his speeches.

Rana Mashood Ahmed said that use of such words was a routine for Fayyaz Cohan. He said that scandals of government were surfacing on daily basis and the said minister was asking others to look into own wrongdoings.

Ex-food minister Bilal Yasin raised question on the performance of ministers and government machinery. He opposed import of wheat, saying the shipment could not reach Pakistan before three months while by that time the local crop would also be available in the market. This decision was against interests of growers, he said.

Referring to the government claims that there was no crises, he raised the question that why the prime minister has formed a committee to investigate the issue.

PML-N’s Awais Leghari regretted that the Imran Khan’s promise has come down from 10 million jobs and five million houses to peace in grave. He asked the prime minister and chief minister to provide relief to the masses if they hope for peace in own graves.

He also lamented that senior government officials were themselves admitting that the province was being run by prime minister by saying that Mr Khan has fully empowered the chief secretary and IG police. He said how come a federal authority could empower bureaucrats instead of the chief minister, who holds mandate of the provincial assembly. He alleged that the prime minister has compromised the Kashmir issue while the situation in the Indian-Held Valley was deteriorating day by day. He blamed Imran Khan for embarrassing the country and spoiling its foreign policy by not attending the Kuala Lumpur summit despite promises. “Iran, Malaysia and Turkey fully supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue. We ditched our supporters by not attending the summit despite promises”, he said, adding, meetings of prime minister with US President Donald Trump would also prove a futile exercise.