I can hear even now the deeply touched voices of thousands of mothers whose sons have been snatched and taken away from them. The mothers do not even know if they would ever be able to see their beloved sons again or not. Many of them are only crying over the mass graves of their sons as they are aware of the fact that they are not going to see their sons again.

These crying mothers can’t even identify the graves of their sons and will continue to cry for their sons with the hope of hearing from them again.

Many emotional tragedies are being experienced by Kashmiris in the hands of Modi’s deployed troops who have no fear of God as they are consistently butchering Kashmiris to ful­fill the orders of their PM Modi. They want to bring demographic change in Kashmir by eliminating Kashmiris from it and snatching away their right to live and breathe in the free world.

Breaking into their houses and raping the Kashmiri females is a routine act of merciless Indian soldiers and so-called officers. Un­fortunately, all such rapes have been advocated by a senior lead­er of BJP Maj Gen SP. Sinha (Retd), as he said: “death in return of death and rape in return of rape” and there is not a single word of condemnation by PM Modi on this highly unethical and undesir­able statement.

It is the 175th day of the ordeal of Kashmiris in the world ‘s larg­est jail, and the jailer is none other than their own PM, Narendra Modi, who believes that Muslims have no right to exist.

I was the one to appreciate Gambia for its bold initiative of filing a petition in ICJ through its Minister of Justice, Mr. Abbubaccar Ma­rie Tambadu, who presented a very comprehensive and well-inves­tigated report on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. I was 100% sure of the fact that Gambia will win this case and court will provide justice to Rohagian Muslims victims and God heard their prayers as the verdict is out already against the Ms. Aung Sann Sui and her govt, wherein, the ICJ has asked the authorities to put an end to the ongoing brutalities & Genocide.


1. The ICJ has ordered Myanmar to prevent genocidal violence against its Rohingya Muslim minority and preserve any evidence of past crimes.

2. In a momentous decision, the ICJ also imposed emergency “provisional measures” on the country by instructing the govern­ment of Aung San Suu Kyi to respect the requirements of the 1948 genocide convention, declaring that there was prima facie evi­dence of breaches of the convention.

3. The ruling also amounted to outright rejection of the No­bel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi’s defense of her coun­try against accusations of systematic human rights abuses and war crimes.

Now that the ruling has been given, Myanmar’s response will be assessed. It is clear that the voices of poor Rohingyan Muslims have been heard by God that even the judge nominated by Myanmar for the hearing voted against the country.

Pertaining to the success that Gambia achieved for its sincere ef­forts in favor of Rohingya Muslims, I feel faceless before Kashmir brothers and sisters as Pakistan has failed to even file a case /Pe­tition before ICJ and ICC with substantive evidence against Indian Generals & PM Modi. We should have dragged PM Modi & his as­sociates for trial in the said two international courts on the legal course adopted by Gambia. The brutalities & genocide in Myanmar are similar to that of IOK.

The delay in filing the case against India has already brought us failure, whereas I had written a number of letters to FM Shah Mah­mood Qureshi to move against India in ICJ immediately.

The clueless and baseless apprehensions of failure on Gambian petition expressed in various meetings have been frustrated after the announcement of the verdict by ICJ in favor of Gambia as jus­tice has been served to Muslim victims of Myanmar.

I have a question for PM Imran Khan and FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi that what is stopping them from dragging Modi as a war criminal for his crimes against humanity whereas they have certi­fied report of International human rights commission and living witnesses of Kashmiris witness who are the direct victims of Mo­di’s naked brutalities.

Mr. Foreign Minister! Now it is not the time for flowery or emo­tional speeches in favor of Kashmiris, but practical hard moves are warranted like dragging Indian Govt to ICJ & ICC without causing any further loss of time. This is the voice of every Pakistani & Kash­miri who wants to see India fully exposed for its crime against hu­manity; therefore, you are now obliged to make use of your power and bring justice to innocent Kashmiris.

Senator A. Rehman Malik

Sitara-e-Shujat, Nashan-e-Imtiaz