It is shameful to say that the medicine which will be sued for hepatitis c is not available at our country and the people are running by hepatitis it is not controlling at across the province for some months but still their department has been failed for deliver thousands of people newly for hepatitis c patients were there but their name were there in waiting list over all the Sindh but it is really shame that the doctor will give time to the patients. The government’s hospitals are not being provided that much hepatitis c medicine the poor people are suffering if giving medicine but not to the poor people in Hyderabad some of minister have asked in the doctors where Sindh there is a small town in their doctor they have taken advised that we should take these hepatitis c medicine to the private medicals store that the poor people can’t buy these medicine because these medicine rate was very much expensive. It last I want to request to the government that he should provide such medicine that the poor people can afford and the government should contribute medicine to the government hospitals.