LAHORE - PPP has expressed surprise on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s suggestion to the masses to avoid reading newspapers and watching TV channels for failing ‘propaganda’ by the opposition against performance of the government. PPP Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the PM was advising people to stay away from newspapers and TV channels at the time when the Transparency International exposed the government’s so-called anti-corruption drive by reporting that that bribery has in fact increased in the country. Talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly on Friday, he said the PM had earlier accused governments of rival parties of corruption and embezzlements on the basis of various survey reports. “Now he is terming the Transparency survey as contrary to the ground realities,” he said. Kaira expressed solidarity with Hassan Murtaza, who was on hunger strike since yester night against government’s failure to ensure smooth supply of flour to consumers at officially fixed rates.