Nations and civilizations are built by teachers. Nations are nourished by teachers but today’s concept about teacher is very aggravated; teachers are considered as a slave of institutions; especially in private institutes. Teacher is treated like a labor in any cement factory or stone breaker at mountain side. It is seemed in present conditions that schools suck blood of teachers at larger context. Hence, the purpose of education has been altered from educating students to run business. Where teachers are overburdened and overloaded with additional duties apart from teaching which are just to do marketing or highlighting name of institute. As teacher is diverted towards irrelevant activities rather than class room teaching; education of students is affected there then student.

If a look is taken toward teachers carefully, it will be found that 90% teachers patients of high blood pressure, severe depression, anxiety and several types of other painful situations. Why these diseases happen to teacher? The only reason is, evaluated: teachers are tortured in the name of discipline and modern system of education. Teachers are unnecessarily chained in hand made rules of schools in which teachers are under-paid, de and involved in break and leave time duties and extra documentation irrelevant to teaching. Schools only think of earning rather educating kids they increase number of classes on teacher rather appointing new teachers; due to this greed of earning has brought teachers unstoppable teaching in consecutive periods where teachers energy is completely drained and teacher becomes a walking dead person because teachers give energy more than that of their strength. Majority of people believe that, teaching is easier thing job to do but they are unknown of a mist that it is the toughest work of the world to do. Prophets are the good examples of a teacher; they changed thoughts of people and created nations by walking on thons themselves.

Now there is a need of great revolution in field of education and break this nexus of business. Which has ruined the characters of teachers and have made schools as a free prison with sweet poison. Teachers should not be involved in unnecessary activities and should be given relaxation in work and they should only be made responsible of teaching and building career of students because they have a very important responsibility of making leaders.