Islamabad               -          To resolve the water dispute between Punjab and Sindh, the National Assembly Standing Committee on water resource has recommended the audit of the entire water in Indus Basin System. National Assembly Standing committee on Water Resource that met with Yusuf Talpur in Chair was informed PEMRA that free advertisement of 0.3 million minutes duration were broadcasted on TV channels as part of Diamer-Bhasha and Mohammad  Dams Fund raising drive.

The sub-committee constituted by the NA committee on Water Resource has recommended that an audit of the water in Indus Basin System would be carried out and the audit would be done for the entire system and for the provincial systems of Punjab and Sindh.

Sindh has alleged in the NA Committee on water resource Punjab for fudging in water usages data and said that the province is getting more water than it claims. The NA formed a sub-committee under the convenor ship of the Khalid Hassan Magsi. After detailed consultations with the provinces and Irsa, the sub-committee has unanimously compiled its recommendations and submitted its report for the resolution of water dispute between Punjab and Sindh.

The subcommittee further proposed that a Panel of Experts (POE) acceptable to both provinces would be chosen and it was also agreed by Punjab and Sindh would accept the results formulated by the POE. The POE would undertake measurements at Thal Canal, Taunsa, Guddu, Sukkur and Kotri Barrages along with measurements at Patfeeder and Kirther Canals and B-S,M-R and T-S Link Canal as previous readings/measurements on these sited were not acceptable to member Irsa Sindh.

Chairman of the NA standing committee Yusuf Talpur said that water should be distributed among the provinces as par the Water Accord 1991.The committee also discussed the installation of Telemetry system on River Indus. Member IRSA told the committee that they are taking precautions in the selection of company for the installation of telemetry system. “We want to ensure that NAB should not raise any question about the reputation of the company,” he added. Khwaja Saad Rafiq said that since we are facing NAB therefore I know that it is hard for public servant to face the accountability watch dog.

PEMRA briefed the committee regarding the advertisement on Electronic Media as part of  Diamer-Bhasha and Mohammad  Dams Fund raising drive. The committee was informed that free advertisement with the duration of more than 350000 minutes was telecasted on the TV channels. Khwaja Asif said that these free advertisements are worth billion of rupees. Instead of running the ads for the dams free publicity could be done for water conservation.

The committee once again asked the details of the funds collected for  Diamer-Bhasha and Mohammad  Dams Fund. Official of the Ministry of water resource told the committee that they have written a letter to the registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan in this regard. Khwaja Asif said that the committee had asked for the funds details one and a half month ago, adding that it could have been brought even if someone to get there by walk. The committee asked PEMRA to write to Supreme Court regarding the details of the expense on foreign trips for dam fund and advertisement abroad. However PEMRA official responded that it is not in their domain to write to Supreme Court of Pakistan.