I am writing this as I am really concerned with the effects of social media on our lives. It really effect our thinking ability and judgment. Today’s social media reinforce an immediate response that hijacks those areas of the brain that can give us perspective. The more we react unthinkingly, the more likely we are to do so in the future. While we may pride ourselves on being a civilization, our behavior suggests we are becoming less civilized as time goes by.

Another important considered factor about it is social media anxiety disorder. Believe it or not social media anxiety is a real disorder. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders and have now become a major problem all over the world. It seems that the more technology we acquire the more stressed out we become. According to experts, almost 20% of people with social media accounts cannot go more than three hours without checking them. For many, being away from their Facebook or Twitter account for a few minutes can cause severe anxiety. Such people need to have their phones with them at all costs and need to check their notifications or update their status every few hours. People have started spending over six hours per day on social networking sites. They are wasting their precious time instead of making their life more meaningful by being in touch with reality. All events have contexts, and if we do not consider these, we are doing ourselves and others an injustice.