Everyone know that smoking is a bad idea, but being practice all over the world. Even most of the people know about it’s disadvantages and damages but still all around the world it’s being used. It’s very hard to abstain this habit because the tobacco contains very addictive chemical nicotine.

Due to the nicotine body and mind get used to it very quickly and soon a person needs to have it, just to feel normal.

Here question arise that why do people start smoking? There are lots of reasons, Some smoke due to there family and friends do smoke, some people think it looks stylish and cool.

Smoking leads to deadly disease like heart disease, lungs damages stroke, throat, stomach and bladder cancer, and asthma.

What is the most important to discuss here is to be around someone who smokes regularly, it’s never healthy to breath in tobacco smoke air. Yes it seems like we all are smoking whether we are active smokers or passive smokers.

So there must be an awareness programs for smokers, if they can’t quit smoking but they must take care of surrounding, and prevent others from secondhand smoking.