DHAKA (APP) - Chinese special envoy Zhou Gang has said that terrorism should not be linked with any particular country or religion and his country is opposed to all forms of terrorism. He was talking to reporters at Chinese embassy in Bangladeshi capital. He visited Dhaka to brief the Bangladesh government on the latest developments in Xinjiang, which has recently been rocked by bloody riots. Zhou said a few separatists led by World Uighur Congress headed by exiled Rabiya Kadeer wanted to separate Xinjiang from China. The Chinese emissary said like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, China was also a victim of terrorism. The separatist forces were financed by groups of people from outside China having links with some international terrorist organisations, he added. In reply to a question, he said China stood for participating in anti-terror international campaign under the leadership of the UN and the Security Council, while at the same time upholding integrity and sovereignty of a country. Zhou Gang said during the riots 197 innocent people were killed and 1600 had been injured while public and private property was also damaged. He said violence was planned and orchestrated simultaneously at 50 places in Urumqi on July 5. The envoy said the nexus of three forces - extremists, terrorists and separatists - wanted to damage the national unity, ethnic solidarity, political stability and economic development of China. He said the situation was normal now and everything had come under control following the timely action taken by the local government of Xinjiang province. The envoy said only a few people from Uighur minority demanded independence of Xinjiang province, which was a part of China, and no single govt across the world supported their claim. He said the majority people in Xinjiang did not like killing and looting and wanted peace, as they enjoyed the fruits of economic development that started 30 years ago with opening up of the economy.